San Giorgio Rooms is a town house suite that reinterprets the classic concept, offering hospitality services to “vanguard.

We study carefully the needs of business travelers, not only tourists, but also for those who travel for business, to offer all the amenities usually lacking, with the option to choose between two types: Chic and Urban.

We are in the heart of the historical center of the city of Caltagirone famous for its ceramic art and now heritage of ‘Unesco.

The rooms have a strong symbolic meaning linked to the Four Elements “Earth, Air, Fire and Water”, and to the fruits, flavors, essences and crafts related to Seasons Autumn, Spring, Winter and Summer.

These are spaces, finishes and furnishings related to the minimalist design language having surfaces and contemporary lines and essential.

A path of objects, ornaments, products of man and earth, colors and atmosphere related to the meaning of the Mediterranean places, culture, nature and art of our Earth.

L ‘essentiality of space, stands dialogues color of the walls with niches tape back-lit LED bed in a clean design that ensures comfort and well-being to the visitor.

The niches rear bed, present in all rooms, combine function and beauty; containers for books or shelf, they hide in emotional lights spotlights on the bedside tables and side strip led variable intensity over the entire length of the opening.

The colors change from room to room, with a dialogue of key changes that travels from the walls until the color of the bed sheets and bedspreads.

Thus we find Earth, element linked to Autumn;

We find that the water becomes Winter;

While the Air becomes Spring, as well as the Fire, invested the most light, becomes Estate.

Why choose us!

Because we are located in the most convenient and easily accessible in the city a few meters from the famous stairs. 
Because the services that we have an excellent quality / price 
Because our rooms are ideal for business travelers and for those who enjoy a well deserved vacation.