Electric Bike Rental

Our mission is to achieve the maximum satisfaction of customer needs by offering high quality products that are able to improve the lives of those who use them.
Our assisted bicycles allow you to turn your mobile into a pleasant outdoor offering all the relaxation and pleasure of cycling without making any effort. The electric bicycle is the best solution for those who want to combine the pleasure of cycling with the contact with nature, without efforts. Who uses electric bike does not do it because they do not want to pedal, but simply to have a technological support during his paths.

The assisted bicycles, in fact, is the alternative way of cycling enjoying the beauty of the movement. The electric bike has many advantages, it can be used by everyone from young as who was a champion cyclist and now does not want to give up the pleasure of cycling. Can be used to go for a drink in the center without the stress of having to look for parking or simply to enjoy the historic center of our city.